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IT Outsourcing / Nearshoring

What is IT Outsourcing (nearshoring) that we offer our clients?

In the simplest terms, IT Outsourcing/Nearshoring is the most effective way to extend your teams, where companies can get highly qualified IT professionals for specific jobs without having to invest substantial funds in their own IT staff.

IT Outsourcing is based on the transfer of the business or IT processes to a nearby country, that provides the same skilled labor force but at a lower cost for the final customer.

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Custom Software Development

In accordance with the needs and requirements of the user community the development of integrated ICT solutions. Using modern methodology of designing ICT solutions and advanced technologies in the development of solutions, we provide a reduction of technological and business risks of the project, and fully compliant solutions to customer requirements.

Our goal is to provide a solution that will meet not only existing, but also future, long-term needs. We offer our clients a wide range of services for the development of IT solutions.

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Mobile Application Development

The number of smartphones is constantly growing, only last year the number of sold devices was 491 million, which surpassed Gartner’s predictions by 300 million. These devices are becoming indispensable for personal and business use.

A growing number of companies is expanding their business through mobile phones which use one of the following operation systems: iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7.

Use our experience and expertise and present the mobile market with an innovative and quality mobile application!

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Website & Portals Development

Web design is more than mere design and without web promotion, design itself is not sufficient. Regardless the line of work you are in and the information you want to present to others, it is necessary to consult with experts who will form, place and bring your message closer to the general public appropriately.

The major advance of our designed sites is the modern web design and adjustment of websites for site visitors and browsers to enable the visitors to easily navigate sites and to attract as many visitors as possible from browsers.

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Graphical Design Services

The function of design is to shape the communication message to be understandable and recognizable to the target audience. The design is exactly what creates the first impression on your customers, partners and potential future customers.

Whether you’ve just opened a business or trade, so you need a visual identity or want to redesign your existing printed materials, we are here to assist you. In collaboration with your requirements and capabilities, we can make your entire visual identity.

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Business Process Design

The analysis of management and business processes represents the basic and fundamental step in the process of renewal  and implementation of business information systems.  We strongly believe that ‘analysis’  is the key to good ‘implementation’.

BPM ( Business  Process Management) is a systematic approach to business improvement, based on shaping, measuring, analysis, improvement and managing of processes. When designing business processes it should be kept in mind that each industry has its specific processes.

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IT Consulting Services

With our experience and together with the user, the user’s needs are defined and a further development of the system is planned.Within defining the needs, the demands for  service quality, safety, surveillance and infrastructure managing are recognized.

In case the user owns information infrastructure, we will jointly analyze its possibilities and define the guidelines for further development. As a consequence, we will design the project/tender paperwork as a basis for the implementation of the given and chosen solutions.

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SW Implementation Services

IT system must be properly designed, deployed, and enable the further upgrading and development (with the constant development of technology to all the systems need to add new users, accounts, services, technology, etc. and it is important that the system is easily upgradable and easy to maintain).

Proper implementation involves the possibility of further growth, high level of availability and compatibility with other systems, which is achieved through quality design and proper selection of segments of the system.

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System Integration Services

Info Novitas offers professional services of implementation and integration of ICT systems. We connect different computer systems and software applications physically and functionally in order to create self-contained functional units in accordance with defined business processes.

Through system integration service we offer careful and detailed planning, design and construction process of each subsystem of IT infrastructure, so customers can count on durable and reliable use with minimal maintenance.

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Maintenance and Support

Maintenance service is offered in many different models and levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Depending on your preferences and requirements of your IT environment we perform a complete maintenance on your location, with very fast response to the emerging problems.

Because we want to provide the best service and solutions we feel free to suggest future steps in the development and upgrading of your IT infrastructure, and by cooperating, successfully upgrade and maintain existing systems, and implement new ones.

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